Introduction to Network of Business .com

Network of Business is a Free Membership Association.
Network of Business has developed programs and tools to help start and grow business.

Becoming a Free Member of Network of Business will help you find new customers, avoid costly mistakes and keep you ahead of the competition by using our Live Video Connector to connect with your customers in Live 2 Way Video Communication.

Another Benefit Members can expect is a 200% surge in internet exposure leading to a substantial sales revenue increase. It all starts when you use our Live Button. Just place this Live Video Connector icon in your web pages, directory listing, search results, member page, profile, advertising, even your emails and when anyone clicks on it, they are instantly connected to your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone, without even registering or a download. It's Live 2 Way Interactive Video where you can See, Talk and Text with each other. You can demo and display products and services, even send brochures, videos, contracts and much more. Everything we offer is FREE to everyone including Business Employees and Customers/Clients. See More at Bz Connector Click Here. Use the Free "Live" Button Click Here.

NetofBz is Changing Net Sales and Everything is FREE!

SEE these "LIVE" Unique Features

Live Net Video

Live Net Video is a suite of Live Video Programs that you can use Free for your Business and Personal Use.


Live Button

Just a Click of the “Live” Button and Customers/Clients are connected in 2 Way Live Interactive Video.


Call Controller

It’s a Live Video PBX. Businesses can use this feature for all of their Departments. Every employee has a Direct Video Line.



Bz CRM is a FREE sales, marketing and support tool to efficiently and effectively collaborate by Live Interactive Video to produce and increase sales.


Bz Transactor

We provide our Member Reps with FREE Sales Leads. Reps can Live Video Interact with Buyers to Display & Demo Their Products and Services



Automatically matches buyer's purchasing requests (postings) and instantly notifies supplier reps of the sales match.


Bz Resource Library

For Information on a specific subject, Click on the Picture

Start a Business

How-to tips and info you need to run your small business.

Register Your Business

All the information in one place to register your business.

Run a Business

Information & requirements for running a business.

Business Law & Regulations

Regulations & Laws that can affect running a business.

Training Center

Free online Business & College Courses.

Business Oppportunities

Government Opportunities. Importing and Exporting.

Business Associates

Business Associations that can help with networking and new business.

Business Types

Industry Guides for different types of businesses.

State & Local Resources

Information & Guidelines for businesses.

Loans and Grants

Business Loans, Grants, Venture Capital, etc.

US Economy

The economy and how it affects your business.

Bz Controller

The Bz Controller is the Control Center for all Network of Business Programs. It controls all of the activities of the Sales Transactor, Bz CRM, Job Postings, Directory Listings, etc. All of the Bz Collaborator Video Programs that provide Business Communication between Reps, Customers and Clients can be managed and controlled from the Bz Controller. The Bz Controller Controls the Directory of Programs (See Below)

Index of Bz Programs & Features

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